John Taylor

Specification & Sales

Every project starts with an important first step: needs analysis. JT works closely with each client to introduce customized solutions and improvements that can improve the bottom line.

Erick Picket


With limitless possibilities energy field, Eric is careful to think critically when estimating bids, always focusing on making choices that will achieve the highest functionality for your project.

Rocky Howlett

Project Manager

Out in the field, our foreman Rocky oversees our team members in each unique project setting — whether it’s industrial, commercial, or something special.

Stephan Saravalli

Foreman/Head of Production Management

Tanner Ozburn

Service Management

Tanner lends a special finesse to the nuances of the service department, focusing on offering quick response times, attention to detail, and trustworthy craftsmanship.

Garet Sullivan



Christina Ward

Office Management

We couldn’t do any of the work that we do without without a team member like Christina keeping all of our days running smoothly from the office.

Christina Eichler


Helping to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently, Christina is in charge of the financial review and reporting of all operations.

John Colley

President, Master Electrician

Wearing many different hats, our president and owner John focuses his attention on helping larger projects secure funding, interfacing with utility companies, and managing the logistics of making things viable.


chris joy
Foreman Electrician

Cody Berry
Journeyman Electrician

Brad Boettcher
Journeyman Electrician

Sean Pigott

francis carson
foreman electrician

bryn hartness
foreman electrician

Service Department

Chris Bakken
Journeyman electrician

tim baker
journeyman electrician

Josh Kiilsgaard
Journeyman Electrician

Tyler Imhoff
Apprentice Electrician

Electricians & Support Staff

cole glasgow
Ralph Rodriguez
Jake Bissell
victoria (Sonny) Heuer
Paul Volesky
John Soave
Charlie McFadden
john Levitt
Mangus phillips
Harvey Bass
Timothy Zubiate
Tel Yatsko
Mike Joy
Alan Cole
Andrew Smith
cody page
ralph hartman
avery Wellsand
justin lloyd
chris raffensperger
brian beardslee
ian martin
jeremiah williams
mark weidemann
cale davis
rick south