As a licensed EcoXpert team, Third Element is partnered with global energy leader Schneider Electric and a network of the leading energy systems professionals in providing certified power quality testing services and energy metering. Focused on the Northwest region, we’re here to help you diagnose power quality issues and get the most out of your energy.


In the home, voltage transients can cause harm to your electronics and appliances, damaging the equipment. Surge protectors can help you safeguard your investment.


Along with a wide variety of customized solutions, one of the most common problems our team encounters in commercial settings are voltage sags, or short-lived dips in power that can decrease efficiency. We use different techniques to help you make sure the power stays consistent.


Electrical noise, or disturbances in an electrical signal, can damage electrical equipment by causing computer bugs and glitches, as well as cause damage in the circuits for systems controls. We use advanced solutions to help you protect your technology.